Public Meeting – 3rd December 09

Thanks to all those members of the public who came along to the Public Meeting last Thursday.  Thanks also go to Joe Peacock, a keen cyclist from Friends of the Earth, who addressed the group about their campaign to reduce speed limits to 20 miles an hour in residential areas.  He explained that Portsmouth had already adopted this limit and it had been seen to be successful. Birmingham FOE are encouraging local people and groups to support this campaign to introduce it in Birmingham. The limit only applies to non ‘A’ Roads but makes it safer for pedestrians and cyclists.  He explained that reducing the speed to this figure would result in less slowing down and speeding up and so the average speed is often not affected.  There was much discussion on the subject, some people had reservations but approximately 50% of the meeting thought it would be a good idea.  What are your views? Let us know by leaving a comment.

PCSOs and Sgt Mirams from the local Constabulary  also attended, giving the meeting an update of policing issues.  More discussion ensued about the alleyway from Stockfield to Yardley Road, no decision has yet been made, Sgt Mirams accepted that there were 2 sides to the argument for closing it permanently.  There is some debate as to whether is is deemed an official Public Right of Way, even though it has been in existence for over 50 years.

Thanks to Jennifer for offering those in attendance fresh coffee, tea and mince pies!  The next Public Meeting is in February, check this site for more details.

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