A Credit Union in Acocks Green – *****update*****now Monday is new collection day

Looking for a great way to save or an easy way to borrow?  Want to start saving up for Christmas or for a big holiday?  Or do you need a low interest loan from 1% a month? –  then Communisave – a  South Birmingham’s Credit Union, is just up your street.    It is a not-for-profit organisation owned and run by members with accessible local collection points.

We are glad to see the return of the credit union on

Monday betweeen 1pm-2pm
at Acocks Green Library
come along at this time to find out more or join the scheme

You can also contact them on: 0121 486 2035

email:  admin@communisave.co.uk

or visit their website:  www.communisave.co.uk

Credit Unions are a great way for everyone to budget.  Your savings are also your shares, a constant reminder that you own your financial, community co-operative together with all the other regular savers ensuring money is invested locally with any profits going back to the members by way of a dividend.  Just £1.40 to join (renewable annually) with no hidden charges, no penalties for small savers and a fixed interest rate of just 1% per month (12.68% APR) on the reducing balance, regardless of the amount you borrow!

Volunteers to help run the scheme are always welcome.

Supported by Birmingham City Council.

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