A Thank You Note to Acocks Green

Remember the terrible floods last month around Birmingham? Acocks Green was particularly badly affected. Today a man called Robert got in touch and we thought we would share his comments with you.  An example of the kindness of strangers and the great community we have here in AG.  Thanks also to Helen Talbot for the photograph which captures the scale of the floods well.

floods helen talbot

Acocks Green 27th May                photo: Helen Talbot


Dear Acocks Green
On the Bank Holiday Sunday my car was inundated in the downpour while negotiating the flooded Acocks Green roundabout. This could have been so much more of a disaster were it not for the kindness of so many of you in Acocks Green.
No sooner had the car stopped but volunteers jumped into the water to help push us out – Thank you. As we tried to get the car going someone asked if she could help and went back to her home and brought us a can of maintenance spray – Thank you. While we waited for the recovery company the Pizza Hut Delivery people offered to feed us – Thank you. To the many motorists, pedestrians & residents who stopped to ask if they could help & offered their sympathy- Thank you all. To the staff of Beeches the recovery company who were so considerate and helpful when they recovered the car and accommodated us in their office and sustained us with tea while we waited – Thank you
Our thanks go out to all of the people of Acocks Green – your actions and your humanity in this time of crisis was truly astounding and renewed my faith in the goodness of human nature.
On the upside the journey home on a low loader dried our car out and it is now none the worse for wear.

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1 Response to A Thank You Note to Acocks Green

  1. Nancy Turner says:

    So pleased to hear a great outcome of this report. Restores one’s faith in human nature.

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