Bike Haul !

Thanks to all the volunteers who came out on this blistering morning to help clean up our adopted waterway with the support Canals and Rivers Trust.  It was actually nice and shady on the water’s edge. As well as the usual litter-picking the towpath and floating rubbish on water, the guys got the grappling hooks out and in a short space of time had pulled out 8 dumped pushbikes, 3 shopping trolleys and a motor scooter!

Canals and Rivers Trust sent a truck over to take away all the old bikes and trolleys, the metal will be recycled.

We painted the canal signage on Lincoln Road and swept and tidied the access steps.  The local police turned up by chance and took the motorcycle off to their compound to check it out to see if they could locate the owner.

A good and rewarding morning’s work. If you would like to help next time just get in touch to go on the mailing list.

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1 Response to Bike Haul !

  1. Stu Minal says:

    Great work all. What a shame people think it’s acceptable to dump bikes and trolleys in our lovely canal !


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