New Trees need Water!

If you are lucky enough to have a young tree in your neighbourhood then in this extreme weather they need some help. Look out for the pipe at the base of the tree that takes water down to the roots. You could save the tree’s life if you give it water during this hot, dry weather.

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1 Response to New Trees need Water!

  1. I water two trees by my home and breve this is what has kept them alive .The one is about 3 years old the other must be almost 2 but there are two very young trees both planted this year on the other side of my home on Olton Boumevard East and they are seriously in need of watering and if nit we will lose them I understand that a young tree needs to be planted for 2 years before the roots have grown deep enough to survive without regular watering . However my issue and problem is crossing the road safely I am a little disabled Both knees are injured therefore I cannot hurry so I cannot risk crossing , I sleep poor and I would not even attempt to cross the road at quiet times eg 5am as some traffic and a lot do seem to think no one would be about and they use the road as a race track , I ve seen it far too often . Its such a shame

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