Local GP Surgery to Relocate

People registered at the Dudley Park Road Doctors Surgery may have heard about recent plans to relocate. There has now been a notice issued to advise on the situation, (see below).  The premises have been sold, but the Medical Centre has secured a 12-month tenure whilst the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and the NHS estates are scoping for a suitable site, but the 7k + patients are still registered and will continue to receive GP Services at the current medical centre until a suitable relocation and premises are found in the Acocks Green area.

This is the notice to inform patients:
Dudley Park MMP surgery notice & updates Oct 2019

There is an ongoing concentration of effort by MMP and NHS/CCG, supported by our local councillors, which should prove to have positive outcomes in relation to a new site, building, and available space, in shaping a new surgery to embrace the overall needs of the local community.

There were additional thoughts in setting up ‘Friends of Dudley Park Medical Centre’ so patients are in a position to positively engage in shaping a new surgery to embrace the overall needs of the local community.

We do continue to have long term concerns with the recruitment of GPs, but these challenges, which are nationwide problems and will hopefully be addressed.

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1 Response to Local GP Surgery to Relocate

  1. Esme n'haMaire says:

    Goodness! I hope it doesnt move far!

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